Dick Morris Calls Texas Lawsuit against 4 battleground states “Absolutely Brilliant”

Appearing on Newsmax TV’s “Chris Salcedo Show,” former Clinton adviser Dick Morris called the Texas SCOTUS lawsuit against 4 battleground states “absolutely brilliant.”

“It’s not checkmate, but its check,” Morris said Wednesday.

“What they did was that the Constitution provides in the case of a state suing a state you can go directly to the Supreme Court,” Morris continued “You don’t have to pass through the circuit court or the district court. The implication is that the court, by making the case Texas vs. Pennsylvania, it sets it up in a way the court has to rule.”

He added “It also puts the court squarely on notice that the case is about unequal treatment of the laws, that a voter in Texas had one set of rules and a voter in Pennsylvania had another set. While the state has the right to set those rules, they don’t have the right to basically devalue the Texans’ vote and throw it out by replacing it with a phony Biden vote.”

You can watch the video here.