Dick Morris calls for Boycott of MLB All-Star Game, says “Vote With Your Remote: Don’t Watch The All-Star Game!”

In a new post on his website blog, Dick Morris calls for a boycott of MLB’s All Star Game.

Morris writes:

Dear Friend,

Here’s a chance to protest the high-handed tactics of corporate America for interjecting its nose into things that do not concern it!

Don’t watch the MLB All-Star game!

Atlanta was originally selected to be the host city of the MLB All-Star game this year. But after the Left jimmied the vote count in 2020, assigning Georgia to Biden and blocking Republican inspectors from polling places, the Georgia Legislature exercised its constitutional prerogative by reforming its voting rules to require photo IDs to vote and verification of signatures on absentee and mail-in ballots.

Democrats and liberals were outraged and pushed MLB to punish Georgia by moving the game elsewhere.

Now it is our turn to be heard.


Vote with your remote! Low TV ratings will make it clear that we will not tolerate America’s national pastime becoming a political “football” — or baseball, as is this case.