Dick Morris accuses Dems of “a systemic effort, that succeeded, to intimidate the” SCOTUS

Appearing on Newsmax, former Clinton strategist Dick Morris said he believes that the talk of “packing the Supreme court” was meant to send a message and to “intimidate.”

Morris said “the Supreme Court is after justice, of course, but primarily they are after making sure the Supreme Court survives – that’s their institution and that’s their duty.”

He continued “I believe the Supreme Court was sent a message by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and the Democratic Party during the election and the message was -If you overturn this election, we will pack you, and make your Court basically meaningless.”

Morris then claimed Democrats rushed to form Biden’s Cabinet in “record time.”

“All of that was to create momentum so the Court would not overturn the election,” Morris claimed “Then confronting this wall of opposition from everybody, including the media, the justices blinked.

He continued “Aad just ask yourself: Who raised the issue of Court packing? We didn’t. Why would the Democrats raise an issue that was hurting them? We would never bring it up; we never thought of packing the Court. They did.”

“It was a systemic effort, that succeeded, to intimidate the U.S. Supreme Court,” he added.