Dick Morris accuses Biden of “bribing” Manchin by appointing his wife to $166k job “I think that Manchin is going to cave-in now on the filibuster”

Appearing on “The Cats Roundtable” on WABC 770 AM, Dick Morris accused President Biden of “bribing” Senator Joe Manchin by appointing his wife to a $166k job.

“Joe Biden has bribed Joe Manchin, the senator from West Virginia, who is the key vote on the filibuster, and he’s bribed him by giving his wife a $166,000-a-year job on the Appalachian Regional Commission, which is a presidential appointment. And she can now serve on the board, make $166,000,” Morris claimed.

“Her salary just about equals what Manchin gets as a senator, and that’s outrageous,” he continued.  “The timing is so suspicious,” because it came “2 or 3 days” after Manchin “decided to vote to confirm [Under Secretary of Defense Colin Kahl] Biden decided to give his wife a $166,000-a-year job.”

“If that isn’t bribery, if that doesn’t stink to high heaven, I don’t know what does,” Morris added.

“I think that Manchin is going to cave-in now on the filibuster, and the Democrats will be able to pass anything they damn well want with 51 votes in the Senate,” Morris told host John Catsimatidis. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

“They did it on Friday night, so they’re pretty sure that nobody will see it,” Morris lamented.  “It’s absolutely buried in the news and it’s probably the most significant thing since Biden took the oath of office.”