Diane Warren compares Barrett to “Stepford Wife” and character in “The Handsmaid’s tale”

Hit songwriter Diane Warren, known for penning the songs “Because you loved me” and “How Do I Live,” blasted Trump SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett with a vicious smear.

Warren, who is a big fan of Justice Ginsburg and who wore a Ginsburg T-shirt in a January 2019 interview, wrote “Amy is like a hybrid of Aunt Lydia and a Stepford wife.”

Aunt Lydia is a reference to a brutal evil character in “The Handsmaid’s Tale.”

Wikipedia describes the Handsmaid’s tale:

“The plot features a dystopia following a Second American Civil War wherein a totalitarian society subjects fertile women, called “Handmaids”, to child-bearing slavery.”

MSBNC’s Joy Reid made a similar reference, “tweeting Turns out Republicans DO have a platform: The Handmaid’s Tale. #UnderHisEye #BlessedBeTheFruit

Warren’s comment drew a variety of responses.

One Twitter user asked Warren if she was jealous.

“Ginsburg is responsible. Obama wanted her to retire so he could appoint her successor but due to her raging narcissism she refused.”

“Amy Coney Barrett is an outstanding choice for the court, she will be confirmed. Why is it always the smear in response to an opposing view, are you all out of decency? Or did you have any to begin with?”