Details Emerge on How “Intimidating” Trump’s Spike Topped Border Barrier Will Look

According to a new report from Wapo, President Trump’s proposed barrier at the US-Mexico border is set to cut an imposing figure for would-be illegal migrants and human traffickers.

As Trump continues pushing for construction of his barrier, which will reportedly consist of bollard fencing, new details indicate that the “intimidating” structure will have spikes along the top, and will be painted black.

Trump has faced virtually insurmountable odds in achieving his wall, largely due to vehement opposition and obstruction from House Democrats and federal judges, who have blocked his attempts at funding the barrier repeatedly.

For months, US law enforcement officials have reported alarming numbers of illegal aliens apprehended as the surges of mass migration continue, with authorities detaining over 100,000 in both March and April.

From The Western Journal:

As plans are finalized for President Donald Trump’s long-awaited border wall, reports indicate the president has been very intentional about his vision for the project.

With Trump’s initial proposal for a concrete barrier having now been scrapped in exchange for a steel bollard fence, he now demands that the “slats” be topped with spikes and the wall be painted “flat black.”

According to the Washington Post, Trump says this will make the border wall not only intimidating, but far more effective as well.

Sources told the paper this week that Trump has been adamant in meetings with White House aides, officials from the Department of Homeland Security and the military engineers working on the project.

It is also reported that the president, despite warnings of increased cost and maintenance estimates, is unwilling to budge on the black paint job — which would cause the bollards to retain substantially more heat.

The president suggests the spikes and paint job would make the wall more imposing while also deterring individuals from climbing for fear of burns or large cuts, said various sources not named by the paper.

“Once you paint it, you always have to paint it,” one administration official — who had reportedly argued against those additions to avoid increased costs — said to the Post as an anonymous source.

Others said that recently removed DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen had told them Trump’s “acute interest in the barrier’s appearance became a distraction from more pressing border issues.”

The Post could not, however, reach Nielsen to verify these claims.

Trump has also been particular as to the height of the wall, according to the Post, throwing out 15- and 18-foot high proposals previously agreed to by Customs and Border Protection officials and requesting something closer to 30 feet tall.

Engineers have argued against this, however, fearing structural integrity issues that may arise by nearly doubling the height of the structure.

And, per the $1.4-billion deal reached with Democratic legislators in February, spending seems to be limited at the bare minimum for “operationally effective designs.”