DeSantis signs bill allowing Floridans to sue big tech firms over alleged censorship

Monday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced “Today, I signed the FIRST BIG TECH BILL that gives everyday Floridians the ability to fight back against Silicon Valley censorship. Speaking to @SeanHannity this hour about how this is just the beginning.”

DeSantis signed a bill dubbed “SB 7072” allowing tech companies to be fined over flagging or banning users over their content. The law prohibits “a social media platform from willfully deplatforming” political candidates.

Per Business Insider “The bill also allows all online users in Florida to sue big tech firms if they believe the platforms are violating the new law. They could win up to $100,000 in statuary damages, according to the bill.”

He added later “Florida’s Big Tech Bill is for everyday Floridians. We know there’s a problem when BIG TECH DEPLATFORMS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES but they let AYATOLLAH KHAMENEI TALK ABOUT KILLING JEWS — THAT’S WRONG!”

DeSantis wrote Tuesday “Big Tech bureaucrats are not the arbiters of truth. Unaccountable oligarchs will no longer have the power to silence Floridians for challenging corporate media narratives or dissenting from the Silicon Valley orthodoxy. We the people of Florida will now hold Big Tech accountable.”