Dershowitz defends Trump’s pardons and says “there is no realistic possibility the President will be indicted”

Speaking to NewsmaxTV, legal Icon Alan Dershowitz said he hopes President Trump is not indicted after he leaves office.

“Trump will NOT be indicted” Dershowitz said “there is no realistic possibility the President will be indicted, the only fear he has is of state prosecution.”

Dershowitz also “I certainly hope he doesn’t get indicted; that’s what banana republics do: They indict their presidents after their presidents lose an election.”

“Let’s let the president go on; let’s have him finish his term, “he continued. “I hope comes to the inauguration; I hope for peaceful transition, and already we see a peaceful transition going on. Let’s move on to the next administration: No incriminations, no prosecutions.”

Dershowitz also defended Trump’s pardons.

“No only is it not corrupt, it’s absolutely proper,” Dershowitz said while discussing Trump’s latest pardons. “The president feels very strongly that the Mueller commission acted improperly – and if that’s his belief and he believes that strongly, and he has a basis for it, he should be pardoning and commuting people who were the victims of an injustice.”

“That’s not corruption,” he added.