Dems Tlaib and Pressley Share Article Implying the Declaration of Independence is Racist

Per WND, First-year congresswomen Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts retweeted a Salon article contending the Declaration of Independence is a racist and sexist document because it doesn’t address slavery or women’s rights.

Pressley commented on a piece by Matthew Rozsa titled “Fourth of July’s ugly truth exposed: The Declaration of Independence is sexist, racist, prejudiced”noted the Gateway Pundit.

“Our founding fathers were not living gods … they were fallible human beings. The Declaration of Independence ‘did not condemn slavery, protect the rights of women or include Native Americans,’” she wrote.

Pressley, an African-American, further wrote that the “impact of the prejudices, biases & contradictions codified by our founding fathers is still felt today.”

“We continue to struggle as a nation to embrace our full history, one that includes family separation of black families at the auction block & today of migrants at camps.”

Some Twitter users fired back.

Omg! This article is insulting & disappointing & the fact it is liked and/or retweeted by 2 members of Congress is sad. These 2 women, if they lived in S. Arabia would be celebrating being able to drive in 2019. No DEM can name a country that is better. They only tear us down

Tired of folks asking for perfection from the imperfect “Founding Fathers”

These white guys were harassed, on the run and targeted for HANGING from England at any time in the war.

The Declaration was only a group statement for the irrevocable separation from the mother country.