Dems in Ohio Fear Trump Will Win the State Again with Help of Working Class Vote

New reports indicate that Democrats in Ohio are concerned that President Trump’s handling of the economy, as well as their own party’s agenda, will cost them working-class votes in the 2020 election.

As Democrats continue to focus on social justice issues and anti-Trump efforts, liberal strategists fear working-class voters will flock to Trump, who has touted himself as a defender of the American worker.

Now, prominent Democrat leaders in Ohio appear to be taking note, and are increasingly calling out their own party for its continued focus on issues such as Trump’s tax information, which working-class voters have repeatedly signaled to not care about.

From The Daily Caller:

Ohio Democrats are worried their party is taking the wrong approach toward the working class in a repeat of a mistake that cost them the 2016 election.

President Donald Trump is pitching himself as an aggressive working class champion, while Democratic nominees continue to harp on issues unrelated to working-class interests such as Trump’s taxes, Democratic operatives told The New York Times. Even 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden, who styles himself as a blue-collar Democrat, is totally missing the point, one of them said.

“The Democratic Party has lost its voice to speak to people that shower after work and not before work,” Ohio Democratic leader David Betras told The NYT. “All we’re saying is: He won’t turn over his tax returns. He’s saying, ‘I’m fighting China to get you better jobs.”

“They don’t care about his taxes,” Betras added. “They just don’t.”

Democratic Ohio Rep. and presidential candidate Tim Ryan used similar terminology, saying Trump is “punching China in the face,” while Biden says China isn’t a serious problem. “If we go into the election with that as our message, we’ll get beat again,” he told The NYT.