Dems fume after Rep. Cawthorn cleans gun during Veterans Affair Hearing

Democrat critics of Rep. Madison Cawthorn fumed after the lawmaker was on camera cleaning a gun during a Veterans Affairs meeting.

Comedian Christopher Titus wrote “I am now “wanting to punch a guy in a wheelchair.”

Progressive activist Charlotte Clymer tweeted “I grew up in gun culture, and the thought of cleaning a weapon in front of anyone, let alone strangers, is unthinkable. It’s enormously disrespectful. Madison Cawthorn is a grown man who has spent a lifetime under the impression that his efforts are inherently extraordinary. Sad.”

“The kind of person who cleans a weapon in public to impress others is the kind of person who owns weapons for validation, who is the kind of person who shouldn’t have them in the first place,” Clymer added.

Singer Stella Parton tweeted “Madison Cawthorn Cleans Gun During Veterans’ Affairs Hearing how much more of this insanity are we expected to tolerate?”

Responding to criticism, Cawthorn’s communications director, Luke Ball, said “What could possibly be more patriotic than guns and veterans?”