Dem Superdelegates Float Alternative Tickets to Bernie, Including Michelle Obama as VP

Interviewing 93 superdelegates, the NY Times found little support for Bernie Sanders being the nominee if arrives at the convention with a plurality but not a majority of delegates.

The latest analysis from 538 predicts a brokered convention may have more than a 50% of happening.

Several out of the box ideas were floated including one that brings Senator Sherrod Brown into the mix and Michelle Obama as VP.

“If you could get to a convention and pick Sherrod Brown, that would be wonderful, but that’s more like a novel,” Representative Steve Cohen of Tennessee said. “Donald Trump’s presidency is like a horror story, so if you can have a horror story you might as well have a novel.”

Per the NY Times, William Owen, a D.N.C. member from Tennessee, suggested that if Mr. Obama was unwilling, his wife, Michelle, could be nominated as vice president, giving the party a figure they could rally behind.

“She’s the only person I can think of who can unify the party and help us win,” he said. “This election is about saving the American experiment as a republic. It’s also about saving the world. This is not an ordinary election.”

Of the 93 superdelegates the Times interviewed, only nine said Sanders should become the nominee based on arriving to the convention with a plurality but not a majority