Democrats viciously attack Katy Perry for promoting her father’s non-partisan pro-America store

Democrats viciously attacked singer Katy Perry after she promoted her father’s non-partisan pro-America store.

Perry tweeted “We haven’t always seen 👁 to 👁but I’m proud of my dad n bro for coming up with this! Head to @NothingButUSA store for the vibes”

Many on Twitter viciously blasted Perry for daring to promote a non-partisan, pro-America message on Twitter.

Trey replied “This is a whole mess. Republicans actively try to dismantle every good for women/LGBTQ+/minorities… this is not it. Either you’re for the better of this country or not. Playing “both sides” is dangerous.”

Another replied “Exactly!! Everyone is always saying my political views shouldn’t matter for our friendship, but they don’t understand it does matter. It matters if you think I don’t deserve rights and to me it matters if you think other minorities shouldn’t have rights.”

Another wrote “Katy.. did demi hack into your account? Ignore if YES.”

“This is embarrassing Katy”

“embarrassing is very on brand for her”

“this won’t end well”

“do you care about our mental health or not??”


“sorry mom, i love you very much, but no. When my family political views threaten my life as a person, specially if their candidate supports prejudice against poc and lgbtq+ i can’t just let it go.”

“I’m very disappointed with you. Love you soooo much, but I think sometimes you can’t be neutral, you have to position yourself on the right side of history and your father goes against many of my ideals”

“This is exactly what biden says”