Democrats vent to Schumer over failure to secure Senate Majority

According to a new report from The Hill, several frustrated Democrats vented to Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer over the failure to secure the Senate Majority and missed opportunities to gain seats during the 2020 election.

According to The Hill “Schumer has presided over two conference calls in which his fellow Democratic senators analyzed the disappointing results of races in Iowa, Maine, Montana and North Carolina, where they thought they had a chance to knock off GOP incumbents.”

The report adds “so many Democratic senators wanted to speak out during last week’s call that Schumer scheduled a rare Sunday conference call to give them a second chance to unburden themselves.”

Montana Senator Jon Tester said “We just got to do a better job of reaching out, we’re just not doing an adequate job.”

He added “It’s going to be fixed, it’s not going to be easy and it’s not going to happen overnight.”

A Democrat Senator who spoke to the Hill on an anonymous basis said there are “huge amounts” of frustration.

“We shouldn’t have lost this election,” he vented, referring to the Senate “You can explain it away, but the reality is Republicans have been beating the hell out of government since the Reagan years and saying [Democrats] are the defenders of bad government and that’s what the American people believe.”

He continued “we can’t get an invitation to the dance unless we overcome that and the way we overcome that is having some things that are wins.”

“It’s definitely not a tone in which people are thrilled,” another anonymous Senator said.

Senate Democratic Whip Dick Durbin suggested a plan of action.

“First, figure out why the polls were so wrong. Second, see if anything we could have said or done to change the outcome,” he said.