Democrats unveil bill for child cash payments up to $3,600 for families

Democrats have unveiled a bill calling for child cash payments of up to $3,600 for families.

Democrat lawmakers are seeking to make the increased amount permanent and send it in the form of monthly payments instead of a once a year tax credit.

Per Yahoo money “under the legislation, parents or guardians would get $3,600 in direct annual payments for children under six and $3,000 payment for children aged six to 17. The bill makes the payment fully refundable, meaning low-income families can access the full amount even if they don’t owe any income taxes. The legislation would cost $117 billion a year.”

Democrat rep. Rosa DeLauro said “Nobody pays their bills just once a year; you pay your bills every month.”

“We make it permanent. We index the value to inflation, making sure that children and families can count on the credit in the future,” she added.