Democrats to introduce bill on Puerto Rico statehood

Democrat Senator Martin Heinrich and Rep. Darren Soto announced they would be introducing a bill that would set a plan to make Puerto Rico the 51st state.

Heinrich said “My home state of New Mexico had a similar struggle to achieve statehood. It took 50 New Mexico statehood bills and 64 years before we were finally admitted to the United States.”

According to Axios “under the proposal, also supported by Puerto Rico’s nonvoting member in the U.S. House, Jenniffer González-Colón (R-Puerto Rico), Congress would provide Puerto Rico a formal offer to become the 51st state.”

The legislation outlines the process for Puerto Rico’s admission into the U.S, should it be ratified by Puerto Rico voters in a federally-sponsored, yes-or-no referendum.

The plan sets a timeline for the future referendum vote, declaration of Puerto

Rican statehood, and an election for the Puerto Rican congressional delegation.
The outline is similar to the one set for Alaska and Hawaii in their quests for statehood.