Democrats Fume and Sound off on Twitter as #BlockBarrett Trends

Not long after President Trump formally nominated Amy Coney Barrett for the SCOTUS vacancy, Democrats began sounding off on Twitter and #BlockBarrett began trending.

Here are just a few of their tweets:

#blockbarrett Let’s flood twitter with our stories and tag every republican senator”

Amy Coney Barrett says she will “be mindful of who came before me”. Which means she will UNDERMINE everything #RuthBaderGinsberg fought her whole life for. #BlockBarrett

Donald can’t even wait till #RuthBaderGinsburg is interred in Arlington before he jumps on her grave. #BlockBarrett

Amy Coney Barrett is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Her nomination must be stopped. #BlockBarrett

Amy Coney Barrett has called abortion “always immoral.” She has ruled in favor of upholding restrictions to abortion access. She will vote to remove access to women’s healthcare. Taking away a women’s right to choose is what’s ALWAYS immoral. #BlockBarrett #SaveRoe

“Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination is a dire threat to the rights of members of the LGBTQ+ community.

She has called abortion “always immoral.” She will vote to remove access to women’s healthcare.

We can’t let her turn back the progress we’ve made.
#BlockBarrett #saveroe”

“Makes me sick how the right is trying to make “ACB” a thing, as if three-initial female Justices on SCOTUS are somehow interchangeable.

One was a beloved, fearless, principled badass.
The other will set Women back for generations.

There is NO comparison.

Barrett’s ideology places laws promoting economic mobility for lower-income communities *at grave risk* Such measures also reduce gun violence, particularly for Black, Latinx, & Native Americans. Barrett’s rulings will hurt communities of color. #BlackLivesMatter #BlockBarrett