Democrats propose green alternative for stimulus focused on climate, fighting racial injustice

Senate Democrats blocked a GOP coronavirus bill Thursday after a 52-47 vote on the roughly $500 billion dollar bill.

Today, Democrats presented an alternative recovery agenda based on a wide range of initiatives including tackling climate change, fighting racial injustice, and bolstering union jobs.

Chuck Schumer touted the program, called “THRIVE,” tweeting “Our new THRIVE Agenda is a bold economic renewal plan that puts millions of people back to work building a more just, healthy, and equitable society.”

Thursday, Schumer touted the key points of the plan and wrote

“I’m standing with @SenMarkey, @RepDebHaaland, @SunriseMvmt, & more to launch our THRIVE Agenda:

Fight climate change
Create millions of union jobs
Invest in Black, Brown, Indigenous communities
Fight environmental injustice
Reinvest in public institutions
Rep. Ilhan Omar also touted the program, writing “We are facing multiple crises: climate catastrophe, pandemic, economic depression, and systemic racism. Today I co-lead the THRIVE Agenda—a bold new vision to create 16 million green jobs and invest directly in Black, Brown and Indigenous communities.”
Senator Elizabeth Warren also touted the plan, writing “I’m proud to join @SenMarkey @RepDebHaaland, and our colleagues in introducing the THRIVE Agenda to fight for climate justice, a real relief package, and investment in Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities. #TimeToThrive”