Democrats Fume Over GOP Selling “Notorious ACB” T-Shirts

Democrats are fuming over GOP Senators selling a “Notorious ACB” T-Shirt.

The shirt is a play on words on Democrats referring to Ruth Bader Ginsburg as “Notorious RBG.”

The National Republican Senatorial Committee tweeted “National Republican Senatorial Committee ”

Here are some of the angry reactions.

“This is the most DESPICABLE and disrespectful promotion referencing Notorious most representing the legendary Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Do you have ANY sense of decency or respect??”

“This is rude and disrespectful to Ruth Bader Ginsburg.”

“Talk about offensive. Just shows how completely out of touch GOP Senators are. Not to mention their lack of creativity. Find your own damn slogan!!”

“Gonna need a new word to replace “offensive” because “offensive” doesn’t capture the actual offensiveness of this.”