Democrats Fume Online Over CNN Not Asking Any Questions About Climate Change

Democrats fumed online after CNN chose not to ask any debate questions about climate change.

Former candidate Jay Inslee wrote in a tweet with over 100k likes:

Not one single question about the climate crisis.
Not one single question about the climate crisis.
Not one single question about the climate crisis.

This is the existential crisis of our time. Not one single question, and that’s completely inexcusable.

Many others piled in.

This debate is embarrassing. What about China censoring American NBA players? What about climate change? Zuckerberg and Facebook and its role in our politics? Hospital costs? Don’t these moderators read their own newspapers?

Including former Presidential candidate John Kerry.

YES to this! Twenty years from now, it won’t wear well that in a THREE hour debate, there was time to ask about Ellen at a Cowboys game, but not climate change. Not once!

Here are a few important issues that received virtually no time at last night’s debate:


Hey, let’s do 20 closing minutes on that Ellen/Bush meme thing. Immigration and climate change can wait until the next debate, if the world is still here.

The debates are too focused on the issues of the week rather than the issues of our times. This reflects a media bias toward the now. Future debates must ask about long-term problems–immigration, presidential power, internationalism, climate change, economic inequality + racism.



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