Democrats fume and sue as Texas signs into law two new House Seats in Austin and Houston

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has signed into law the state’s new congressional map which includes two new seats due to population growth captured from the census.

One of the new seats is in Austin, the other in Houston.

Some Democrats argue the new map doesn’t reflect the big gains in minority population.

Ryan Matsumoto was not pleased with the redistricting and wrote “Republicans are only gaining 2 seats with the new Texas map, but under the hood they created an incredibly effective gerrymander that shores up a whole bunch of seats that had been very dicy because of Democratic gains in the suburbs.”

State Rep. Ron Reynolds wrote “SB 6, US House Congressional Map passed in the Texas House last night. The bill was amended to un-pair Congressman Al Green and Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee. The Republican gerrymandered map is not reflective of the 95% minority growth over the past 10 years in Texas.”

Only 30 minutes after Abbott signed the new Texas congressional map, the group “Voto Latino” sued.