Democrats float expanding the number of lower court seats

Democrats are planning how they hope to reshape the courts after 4 years of the Trump administration moving courts in a more conservative direction according to a new report from TheHill.

Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer said during a recent interview “I have in the city of Buffalo a huge — they don’t have enough judges. There’s this long line before you can get to court because they don’t have enough. So we could expand those,”

Meanwhile, majority whip Dick During recently said “Interestingly enough, I had a Republican senator who approached me about expanding the number of federal judges in his state so there seems to be some sentiment that there [are] backlogs in the dockets of federal judges.”

Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal tweeted “Federal courts are deluged, cases are on hold, judges are overloaded—delaying & thereby denying justice.”

“There ought to be bipartisan consensus that more judges are needed, now, vitally & urgently. This issue indisputably binds red & blue states,” he added.