Democrats Called Out for Hypocrisy for Blaming Trump for Shootings

Over the weekend, America witnessed a horrific tragedy when two separate murderers launched killing sprees in Texas and Ohio, leaving over thirty dead and dozens more wounded.

In at least one instance, one of the shooters appeared to be a white nationalist who was vehemently opposed to Hispanic migration, prompting his unbridled rampage.

As this news reached Democrats and the mainstream media, politicians and pundits wasted no time in blaming the unforgivable killings directly on President Trump, citing his stance on illegal immigration.

Hordes of liberal pundits, celebrities, and political figures flocked to the press to be seen and heard before the blood had dried, pushing their agenda while denouncing Trump, his supporters, the NRA, and various others.

Texas Democrat and 2020 presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke attempted to breathe life back into his stagnant campaign by bluntly declaring President Trump to be a “white supremacist.”

Controversial Democrat lawmaker Rashida Tlaib invoked the issue of race, strongly implying that whites are treated different than other races in regards to terrorism or violence-related incidents.

Others, including 2020 Democrat candidate Senator Cory Booker, also blamed Trump, with Booker brazenly declaring the president to be “responsible” for the spate of politically motivated violence.

Senator Kamala Harris, another Democrat seeking the party’s nomination in 2020, instead used the shooting to tout her own plans to address gun control, should she be victorious in her quest to unseat Trump.

Still more liberal figures, including Julian Castro and Pete Buttigieg, came forward to blame President Trump, claiming his stance on illegal immigration has somehow spurred on white nationalists into committing brazen terrorist acts.

For the media and Democrats, Trump appears to remain the scapegoat for every bad thing that happens in America, a disturbing trend made even more clear with the seemingly coordinated effort to pin the recent shootings solely on the president.

In response to the tragic killings, Trump denounced the shooting as “an act of cowardice,” later declaring “Hate has no place in our country,” and vowed, “We’re going to take care of it.”

Trump also noted that there are “no reasons or excuses that will ever justify killing innocent people.”

Despite the motive of the second shooter remaining unknown at the time of this article, the fact that the killer was white was quickly pounced on by the race-obsessed mainstream media.

In the aftermath, as the press and Democrats continue to blame President Trump, it is glaringly obvious that Trump is expected to personally apologize and bear culpability in any instance of race-related conflict.

Similar to the events of Charlottesville in 2017, Trump has been besieged by allegations of racism from the media, leading to an almost universal belief among liberals and less-informed citizens that he is, in fact, a racist.

This dangerous thought process, which is unquestionably bolstered by the mainstream media’s incessant fixation on racial issues, has resulted in the widespread belief that President Trump is to blame for incidents of racial violence.

However, this standard does not appear to be universal, and seemingly applies solely to Trump, as several conservative pundits have recently pointed out.

Interestingly, while it Trump is apparently expected to apologize for and condemn white supremacy and white nationalism at any and all hints of its existence, prominent Democrats seem to be exempt from the rule.

Embattled congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who has faced a litany of blowback for repeated remarks which many have interpreted to be anti-Semitic, anti-white, and anti-American, has infamously refused to denounce Islamic terrorism.

Omar’s colleague, Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, also refused to condemn the recent fire bomb attack of a federal detention facility by an armed far-left terrorist which resulted in death.

Similarly, popular grassroots Democrat socialist Senator and 2020 Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders was never blamed for the 2017 shooting of Republican Rep. Steve Scalise, carried out by one of his die-hard supporters.

The examples above are just some of the many instances of Democrats who have enjoyed media immunity when it comes to answering for the violent behavior of their supporters and constituents.

For Democrats, the media has noticeably avoided linking the numerous examples of left-wing violence to the increasingly violent rhetoric of prominent liberals, leaving conservatives convinced a dangerous double standard is at play.