Dem lawmaker Debbie Dingell warns many Michigan voters tell her they plan to reelect Trump

Washington Examiner reports Democratic Michigan Rep. Debbie Dingell is urging caution among Democrats, saying many voters in her district plan to vote for President Trump in November.

“Everyone will roll their eyes and say, ‘that’s Debbie.’ But I was right in 2016,” Dingell told Politico.

Dingell warned that Trump would be competitive in Michigan in 2016, saying she knew Hillary Clinton was in trouble despite a lead of more than 20 points in some polls. “Anybody who believes the polls right now is overconfident,” she said at the time.

Trump narrowly won Michigan with 47.5% of the vote in 2016.

According to a RealClearPolitics average of Michigan polls, presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden is leading Trump by 8 percentage points. One survey from May 31 to June 4 showed the former vice president up by 16 percentage points in a head-to-head match-up.

But with less than five months until Election Day, state, district, and county Republicans have described an electoral landscape that they say differs little from 2016, despite the protracted challenges leveled by the coronavirus, with Michigan among the hardest-hit states.

Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley told Politico he sees a silver lining to some of Trump’s more desultory numbers.

The president is up by 1.5 percentage points in swing-state Iowa, according to a RCP average, and by 1 percentage point in a June Des Moines Register poll.

“Considering the pandemic, the downturn in the economy, and the demonstrations we’re having now … and he comes out 1 point ahead? I think it’s good news,” Grassley said.