Democrat Zogby Gives Trump an A+ Weekly Grade, Calls Dems “Hapless”

John Zogby of the famous “Zogby polls” is a Democrat but is making waves by giving President Trump an “A+” for the week while calling his fellow Democrats “hapless.”

Zogby wrote:


Yes — you are looking at my actual weekly grade for President Trump. Not only did the president have a good week, but he benefited from the simply terrible week the Democrats had.

Trump modulated his tone for his State of the Union speech and gave a combination of red-meat goals for fellow conservatives and statesmanlike achievements for voters as a whole.

At the same time, he actually pitched some policies aimed at capturing a few extra black voters — school choice, economic opportunity zones, and increased (lifesaving) funding for historically black colleges.

Meanwhile, the hapless Democrats received their expected defeat on removing the president in the partisan impeachment drama and showed that they can’t even count votes accurately in the Iowa caucuses.

The caucuses are a good system, and they are supposed to be part of an organic process: winnow out some losing candidates to narrow the field as well as provide a springboard for winning candidates and those who exceed expectations to move into New Hampshire with media, money, and Big Mo.

But the biggest winners were two billionaires — Trump and Mike Bloomberg, who didn’t compete there but got pretty much what he wanted.

The president appeared to have rejected Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s attempt to shake his hand. But tearing up his speech was bad form and an admission that she lost. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II might have referred to the Democrats’ week as a ‘weekus horribilus.'”