Dem who cheered and participated in BLM protests now argue Trump rallies pose coronavirus risk

Last Saturday, Rep. Val Demings shared a photo her speaking at a “Healing and Hope” really.

Demings, considered by most as a possible running mate for Joe Biden, wrote:

I joined a ‘Healing and Hope’ rally last night to speak with our community as America grieves.

Thursday, Demings tweeted:

The president’s plan to hold mass rallies in Florida and elsewhere as we experience a resurgence in COVID cases is irresponsible and selfish

Likewise last week, Senator Bernie Sander tweeted:

Congratulations to all who are out on the streets today peacefully protesting.

Together, we will end police brutality.

Together, we will defeat Trump.

Together, we will fight for a government based on justice and compassion, not greed and lies.

Then Thursday, he tweeted:

Trump wants 15,000 delegates cheering him at his GOP convention in Florida. No social distancing. His rejection of medical advice endangers not only those there but those they come in contact with. Trump’s a threat to the health and well-being of the country. He must be defeated.