Dem Superdelegate Suggests Brokering in Chris Coons as Dem Nominee

With Joe Biden’s resounding South Carolina win, and Bernie Sanders expected to do well on Super Tuesday, the chances of a brokered convention are higher than ever.

In fact, analysts at 538 now give the probability that non one wins more than half the pledged delegates a 60% chance in their algorithm.

In a NY Times articles, Superdelegate Democrat Don Beyer did not appear on board with selecting out of the current crop of candidates and suggested 3 wild out of the box possibilities – Nancy Pelosi, Mark Warner, and Chris Coons.

Per the NY Times:

Representative Don Beyer of Virginia cast an even wider net, suggesting senators from Virginia and Delaware, along with Ms. Pelosi, as possible nominees.

“At some point you could imagine saying, ‘Let’s go get Mark Warner, Chris Coons, Nancy Pelosi,’” he said, while preparing to introduce the former Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Ind., at a campaign event near his home on Sunday. “Somebody that could win and we could all get behind and celebrate.”