Dem Strategist Fears DNC Establishment Will “Freak Out” If Bernie Wins Nomination

During an appearance with Krystal Ball of TheHill, Democrat strategist Andrew Feldman revealed he fears the DNC establishment will “freak out” and react poorly if Bernie Sanders appears to be headed for the nomination.

In fact, he thinks the establishment is so disdainful of Bernie, that they could possibly even support billionaire Michael Bloomberg instead, who had not appeared in a single DNC debate.

Earlier in the week, Hillary Clinton threw a political dagger at Bernie, claiming “nobody likes him.”

Meanwhile, Bernie supporters expressed outrage after CNN debate moderator  Abby Phillip appeared to essentially “take the side” of Elizabeth Warren, stating her unsubstantiated claim that Bernie said a woman can’t win as if it was fact, even after Bernie denied the incident.

The Hill reports Democratic strategist Andrew Feldman predicted Thursday that Washington will “freak out” if Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) wins the Democratic presidential nomination.

“My biggest fear is that if Bernie gets the nomination, Democrats [will] shoot [themselves] in the foot because we have issues personally with Bernie or whatever the heck it is and we do not come together and beat Donald Trump,” Feldman, founder of the progressive firm Feldman Strategies, told Hill.TV.

“If we do that, shame on us,” he added.

Feldman said that if former Vice President Joe Biden sees a significant drop in support, the Democratic Party could rally behind fellow 2020 contender and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

His comments come as Sanders remains near the top of most polls in Iowa less than two weeks before the Hawkeye State’s caucuses.

You can watch the video here.