Dem Senators Upset WNBA Players Get Paid Far Less than Male NBA Players

Two Democrat Senators, one running for President are completely clueless about the massive difference in economic value of NBA players vs. WNBA players.

In a letter on why female athletes are paid less than men, the 2 senators lamented the wage difference, ignoring the fact that the NBA is a multi-billion dollar economic powerhouse vs. the sparsely watched WNBA.

From DailyCaller

Sens. Jacky Rosen and Amy Klobuchar apparently don’t know anything about how sports work.

Rosen and Klobuchar, who is running for President, sent a letter to the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation on Thursday asking for a hearing on why female athletes are paid less than men.

This has been in the news a ton ever since the World Cup got underway, and that was storyline was prominently featured in the letter. I get it. I understand why we’re talking about it, even if the women aren’t actually underpaid. However, there’s a line of the letter referencing basketball that is simply laugh-out-loud funny.

“Last year in the Women’s National Basketball Association, the maximum veteran player salary was $115,500, while the men in the National Basketball Association earned a minimum salary of $582,180,” the letter read.

Yes, that’s an actual sentence in a letter from two sitting members of the Senate. I wish was I was making this up, but I’m not.

We have actual elected officials who want to know why WNBA players aren’t getting the same kind of cash as LeBron James.

Here’s a really simple answer for all of you. The NBA’s TV deal is worth $24 billion dollars. $24 billion! That’s the kind of cash that is simply mind-boggling.

Now, the senators might assume the WNBA has a lucrative TV deal. There must be plenty of people just dying to watch a bunch of travels, jump balls and missed layups, right?


In 2013, the WNBA signed an extension with ESPN that paid out $12 million a year. There are bench players in the NBA making more money than the entire WNBA is in TV revenue.

Why? It’s shockingly simple. The NBA sells out arenas and is a global brand. That’s the reason why players are getting paid insane amounts of cash.

The WNBA just isn’t. I’m not knocking the women for choosing basketball as a career, but let’s not pretend like they’re out here producing the same kind of product or cash flow. They’re just not.