Dem Senator doesn’t think Republicans can be stopped from confirming Trump’s SCOTUS nominee

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) does not think Democrats can do much to stop Republicans from confirming Trump’s nominee for the SCOTUS.

President Trump is expected to announce his nominee to fill Ginsburg’s vacancy Saturday, with insiders and prediction markets believing it will be be Amy Coney Barrett or Barbara Lagoa.

Some Democrats and media figures have suggested going to extreme measures to stall Trump and McConnell’s effort to fill the vacancy.

Michael Moore suggested shutting down the government altogether and Pelosi was even asked by George Stephanopoulos if she’d consider impeaching President Trump again as a stalling tactic.

Whitehouse does not see either of those extreme scenarios playing out.

Speaking to Yahoo News on the Skullduggery podcast, Whitehouse said Democrats have no “triple-secret procedural trick”  to stop the process.

“We’ve been through this recently with Justice Kavanaugh and before that with Justice Gorsuch, so if there were some triple-secret procedural trick that we could pull we would have been pretty negligent in not pulling it in those two earlier proceedings,” Whitehouse said.

“Unless you’ve gotten a hall pass so that everybody understands that you’re OK and this is not going to affect the outcome, this is like a tribal check-in and you’ve got to be on the team because if you’re not this is one of those no-going-back moments for you.,” he continued.

Seemingly resigned to the fact that Republicans will indeed succeed in filling the vacancy this year, Whitehouse added “They’re going to do whatever they need to. There is no higher priority for Republicans in the Senate than to seize this Supreme Court seat.”