Dem Senator asks zero questions, compares Barrett hearing to a “puppet theater” with outside forces “pulling strings and pushing sticks”

During his hearing segment where he asked zero questions, Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (Rhode Island) says that Amy Coney Barrett’s hearing is like a “puppet theater” and that “forces outside” are “pulling strings and pushing sticks.”


Whitehouse made use of many props and visual displays in making his case.

Charlie Kirk tweeted “Sheldon Whitehouse needs 50 foam boards to try and make a single point and Amy Coney Barrett is working through a 10-hour long confirmation hearing without a single note or sheet of paper.”

Ronna McDaniel wrote “A pompous Sheldon Whitehouse refuses to let Judge Barrett speak so he can lecture her about why she is not sitting before the committee based on her own merit. Anxiously awaiting the media’s cries of “mansplaining.”