Dem Senator asks Barrett about her knowledge of ACA and COVID stats

Moments ago, Democrat Senator Leahy (Vermont) spend time quizzing Judge Amy Coney Barrett on her knowledge of ACA and COVID stats along with insulin prices.

Leady asked Barrett “Do you know how many Americans have obtained insurance through the Affordable Care Act?” She replied she does not.

He also asked her “Do you know how many people have tested positive for COVID in the US?” Barrett replied she does not. Leahy then quizzed Barrett on insulin prices. 

Jake Lahut wrote “Just about every question from Pat Leahy has come down to asking Barrett to name a number and idk what he’s really trying to accomplish here”

Jason Rantz wrote “Sen. Leahy is just getting… slayed by Amy Coney Barrett. He’s trying so hard to read from his staff’s scripted questions and she’s just handling every one of them so well.”

80 year old Patrick Leahy is the longest serving senator. He was first elected in 1974. Has has voted on 15 justices, starting with John Paul Stevens in 1975.