Dem rips “smug ignorance” of San Francisco “I’m on the brink of being red-pilled”

In a series of tweets getting a lot of attention on Twitter, self identified “moderate Democrat” Michelle Tandler, founder of Life School, who lives in San Francisco, rips the far-left policies and says she’s “ashamed of my city.”

Tander later concludes “I feel like I’m on the brink of being red-pilled. How can I not, when our policies are so aligned with the radical left?”

Tander begins by writing:

Conservative Twitter is all over this.

I highly recommend reading the quote tweets for a deeper understanding of how many in America view SF, the left, etc.

She then adds in a series of tweets.

There seems to be an impression among many conservatives that the left:
+ Doesn’t support & protect businesses
+ Doesn’t protect citizens from criminals
+ Is trying to destabilize our social order/society

On this last part – about society – the right tends to critique:
+ Branding white people as “oppressors” (e.g., critical race theory)
+ Recasting American history as rooted in evil (e.g., renaming schools)
+ Undermining meritocracies (e.g., getting rid of adv math)

SF has caught a lot of national attention as we are a petri dish for many progressive ideas – e.g.,
+ Harm reduction & housing first approach to addiction & homelessness
+ High taxes (state income tax, businesses)
+ Decarceration, ending bail, lax prosecution

There are early signals that politics are having a significant impact on the Bay Area:
+ 45% of businesses in SF are still closed
+ SF/CA exodus is real
+ Remote is here to stay (in many parts b/c people don’t want to go downtown)

I think we will start to experience a real shift in outlook if real estate prices start falling. This could occur due to:
+ Recession (we are overdue, RE usually in 10-year cycles)
+ Remote guts city of younger workers, fewer buyers
+ Crime driving out elderly, families, women

Anecdotally, every single one of my friends right now is considering leaving SF (and frankly, myself included).

The biggest driver is no longer cost of living. It’s crime.

My friends are scared for their children, and their husbands are scared for their wives…

And it isn’t about metrics.

Nobody is saying we are “X% up” in this category.

It’s how they feel walking the streets. It’s walking a stroller next to a tent that has a pile of bikes next to it.

It’s being screamed at or chased by someone who seems mentally unstable.

What I’m seeing is that if there is a big enough incident, it shakes people up.

It could be seeing a robber trying to climb into your child’s bedroom, being pulled off your bike, having someone chase you with a pipe…

These incidents shake people up. And their friends too.

Ultimately, I think that the biggest responsibility of government is to protect people from one another.

It is in place to protect us from assault, theft, robbery, etc.

Right now the criminal justice system in SF is not working.

It is allowing people to get high on very powerful drugs and terrorize one another, neighbors, stores.

It is allowing rampant theft, burglary & car break-ins.

It is allowing mentally unstable felons to stab elderly women.

There is a social contract inherent in living in a city.

We are all crammed together in a small space with the expectation and understanding that we protect one another.

There is an expectation that our government will keep things functioning smoothly so we can coexist.

The San Francisco government has abdicated on that responsibility.

It is focused on equity & “justice” at the expense of fulfilling its basic duties.

Fee caps, school renaming, criminal justice experiments, public banks, red tape, corruption… the list goes on.

My whole life I’ve considered myself a proud liberal, progressive San Francisco Democrat.

Today I am ashamed of my city.

I see smug ignorance of the laws of unintended consequences.

Moral grandstanding winning over data, logic, and facts.

Radical candidates winning elections unopposed.

Social justice warriors getting into government and wreaking havoc on neighborhoods, businesses, children.

Why have we all been asleep at the wheel? Where is our sense of civic duty? Civic pride?

Is this who we want to be?

Throughout history, millions of ppl have gone to war and died for their country, their home, their sense of what is right.

What is going on in SF isn’t right. We likely have the most inept, corrupt local government in the nation.

For a city of innovation, this is humiliating.

I tweet because my heart is breaking about what’s happening in my hometown.

This is not how an American city should look and feel.

I feel like I’m on the brink of being red-pilled. How can I not, when our policies are so aligned with the radical left?

San Francisco has a long history of push and pull between moderate and progressive Dems.

Currently, we are fully in the hands of the progressives.

They are in charge of our criminal justice system and our governing body, the board of supervisors.

My hope is that in the next few elections we turn this around.

We need more moderates in office. Mayor Breed will need more moderates in the BOS to get things done.

People say the word moderate isn’t inspiring.

Well, it is to me.