Dem Rep Who Offered $100 To Have Pro-Life Teens DOXXED Goes Into Hiding

State Rep. Brian Sims, who verbally bullied a Catholic woman praying outside of an abortion clinic, and offered to pay money to dox young pro-life teens, has now gone into hiding on social media.

Calls for an investigation into Sims have grown since he offered to pay money to get the contact information of pro-life teen girls.

The mother of those girls wrote an op-ed in USA Today.

We were praying a rosary at the corner of the Planned Parenthood property line when a man approached us, yelling angrily at me and at the teenage girls with me. I found out later this man was a state representative of Pennsylvania — Brian Sims.

I stepped in front of him and asked him to speak only to me and said we were not interested any altercations. A few minutes later, as we were packing up to leave, Sims again approached us. 

This time, he took things a step further, and was filming us with his phone. Pointing his phone directly at my girls and their friend, he asked for his viewers to expose the identities of the girls in exchange for a donation that he would make to Planned Parenthood. 

To be absolutely clear: Sims not only aggressively verbally accosted three minors, he also attempted to doxx them by offering a financial donation in exchange for their personal information. His actions were reprehensible and entirely unbecoming of any adult male, let alone an elected official.

Watch the video:

From Daily Wire

Democrat State Rep. Brian Sims made waves last weekend when he live-streamed himself harassing an elderly pro-life sidewalk counselor and three teenage girls praying outside a Philadelphia-based Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. Sims hurled insults at the women and girls, mocking their Christianity and their skin color, and tried to find out personal information about them, such as their addresses, so they could be harassed at home. In one of the videos, the Democrat even offers up $100 for the identities of the three teenage girls praying for unborn babies outside the clinic.