Dem Rep. Calls Iranian Missiles “Very Precise,” Suggests Iran Didn’t Kill Americans on Purpose

Appearing on CNN, Rep Adam Smith, Chairman of the armed services committee, called Iran’s ballistic missiles “very precise” and argued that the strikes must not have been intended to kill Americans.

Adam Smith:

These missiles are very precise.

When Iran did the attack on the Aramco facility one of the things people noticed was they hit EXACTLY what they wanted to hit, in some cases within mere feet of what they were trying to hit, taking out certain aspects of the oil producing mechanisms there so I can’t believe that if Iran wanted to kill Americans they wouldn’t have.

This strike looks like an empty show of force and it is very curious why Iran has reacted the way they have to this killing so I’d be interested in seeing the evidence but I can’t believe that if Iran wanted to kill Americans in that part of the world that they couldn’t have done it with the ballistic missiles that they launched. It just doesn’t add up. 


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