Dem Rep. Calls Impeachment Resolution Passing “Bipartisan” Due to Support from Amash

Despite passing their impeachment resolution without a single Republican vote, Democrat Rep. Jamie Raskin still claimed the process was “bipartisan” due to the independent Amash voting with Democrats.

2 Democrats voted with Republicans, Rep. Colin Peterson of Minnesota and Rep. Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey.

Fox News reports after Independent Rep. Justin Amash voted in favor of an official impeachment inquiry into President Trump on Thursday, Rep. Jamie Raskin claimed the process could now be considered bipartisan, despite the fact that Amash left the Republican party in July.

“I’m sorry that there weren’t at least a handful of Republicans who were willing to vote for what the GOP’s basically been asking for, which is open hearings,” he said on “Outnumbered.”

“That’s what this is,” Raskin, D-Md., continued. “For open hearings and the availability of the public to participate in this process. I was happy also that the independent in the HouseJustin Amash, voted with the Democrats. So it was bipartisan, or multi-partisan in that sense.”


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