Dem Rep. Boycotting Tonight’s SOTU Credits Obama for Strong Economy, Not Trump

Democrat lawmaker Frederica Wilson (D-FL) will be one of at least three Democrats that will boycott tonight’s Trump’s State of the Union Address.

Wilson,  has been fervently anti-Trump since he took office has recently made a number of provocative claims in her tweets.

In one tweet, Wilson claims:

The Democrats have proven their case, witnesses or not. The president admitted that he asked Ukraine to announce an investigation into his political rival. He admitted it! .

In another, Wilson claims President Trump inherited a strong economy from Obama and now is putting it at risk.

POTUS takes credit for the strong economy but a new @JECDems report reveals he didn’t create it; he inherited it.

From the to trade wars, he’s putting our economy at risk & ignoring the uncertainty Americans feel.

Wilson was an advocate for witnesses during Trump’s impeachment trial and wanted the Senate to hear from John Bolton.

Wilson will be joined by at least two other Democrats will also skip Tuesday’s State of the Union speech: Reps. Steve Cohen (Tenn.) and Earl Blumenauer.

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