Dem rep argues keeping Dem majority “is also about preserving our democracy”

Appearing on NBC News, Democrat lawmaker Stephanie Murphy (D-FL) claimed defeating Republicans and maintaining a Democrat party majority “is also about preserving our democracy.”

Discussing the Capitol Riot, Murphy told NBC News “it underscored for me that our political obligation is now a national security obligation.”

“Imagine what would have happened had the Democrats not held the House, not been in the majority on Jan. 6 — where would we be today?” she asked.

“The Democratic majority is not just about policies that we’re putting forward to help the American people. It is also about preserving our democracy,” she continued.

“They continue to create room for the conspiracy theorists. I don’t know how you make common sense policy and laws that can help the American people when you live in your own la-la land.”

Murphy is co-chair of the Blue Dog Coalition caucus.

According tot he website “the Blue Dogs are dedicated to pursuing fiscally-responsible policies, ensuring a strong national defense for our country, and transcending party lines to get things done for the American people.”