Dem Party Poll Asking Users If They Prefer Kavanaugh or Ginsburg Backfires!

Recently, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee issued a now-deleted poll, asking social media users whether they would prefer more Supreme Court Justices like left-leaning Ruth Bader Ginsburg, or right-leaning Brett Kavanaugh.

The poll, which allegedly gained nearly 160,000 votes before it was deleted, strongly indicated that nearly 70% of American voters prefer Justices in the style of conservative Brett Kavanaugh, as opposed to the 30% who preferred Ginsburg.

Conservatives, including President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Junior, and Republican lawmaker Dan Crenshaw, took to social media to react.

Conservatives took to social media to agree, with many noting that the poll results are indicative of President Trump’s momentum heading into the 2020 election.