Dem party attacked by own voters after announcing $1,400 checks

The Democrats official Twitter account was hit with many negative replies from Biden voters not happy with the announcement $1,400 checks would be coming

The tweet read “[email protected] will build on the $600 down payment provided by Congress last year, sending an additional $1,400 to households across America, totaling direct payments to $2,000 per person.”

However, many had hoped for an additional $2,000, not a total of $2,000.

One Twitter user replied:

You guys advertised this when you wanted to win 2 Senate seats in Georgia.

Notice the part where it has a check that says $2000 on it? 🤔

Another replied “this you?”

Some other replies:

“The Democratic party deserves to go extinct.”

“i canvassed my ass off for y’all in georgia and you turn around and treat us like we’re stupid.”

“Where does this say $600 down payment + $1400 check?”