Dem Mayor candidate “faked her own kidnapping to gain sympathy” before election

Police have exposed Sabrina Belcher, a candidate for South Carolina Mayor with staging her own kidnapping in a pathetic attempt to gain sympathy before the November election.

Tuesday, Belcher, who is 29 called the police claiming she was assaulted and abducted by a man she also claimed tried to rob her.

The name she gave for her attacker was fake, as was her claim that the man injured her and broke her car windows.

Belcher was taken to the hospital after her phony stunt, where she was treated umpter Police Chief Russell Roark.and released.

Sabrina Belcher, a candidate for Mayor faked her own kidnapping in an attempt to gain sympathy votes

Police found that her supposed attacker was 34-year-old Christopher Eaddy and the two had orchestrated the attack days before.

Sumpter Police Chief Russell Roark commented “This was simply an effort to create disorder and discontent in our community for personal gain.”

He added “As a result, a valuable number of resources, including personnel, man-hours of the police department as well as local medical professionals, were wasted based on false information.”

Sabrina admitted she had staged the event and even live streamed it on Facebook live.

Christopher Eaddy was an accomplice to a staged attack