Dem Lawmaker apologizes for sharing fake report falsely claiming Rep. John Lewis has died

Alma S. Adams (D-NC) has issued an apology after sharing a false report that Rep. John Lewis has died.

Rep. John Lewis is alive.

Adams wrote:

I am deeply sorry to Congressman John Lewis, his family, and his staff for the erroneous information posted to our social media accounts earlier today. Rep. Lewis is one of my friends and heroes and I am relieved to know he is at home resting.

Adams issued a 2nd:

We deeply regret a previous tweet based on a false news report.

Adams deputy chief of staff appeared to have fallen for the hoax.

I take full responsibility for the erroneous information posted to @RepAdams’ social media accounts today. It should have never happened. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to @repjohnlewis and everyone who was as heartbroken as I was when they heard this hoax.