Dem Impeachment manager takes issue with Trump’s defense playing “clip after clip of Black women talking about fighting”

Democrat impeachment manager Delegate Stacey Plaskett took issue with a video shown by Trump’s attorneys that had several Democrats using the word “fight” and suggested it was racist.

“I’ll briefly say that defense counsels put a lot of videos out in their defense, playing clip after clip of Black women talking about fighting for a cause or an issue or a policy,” Plaskett said. “It’s not lost on me that so many of them were people of color and women. Black women. Black women like myself who are sick and tired of being sick and tired for our children, your children.”

“I thought we were past that. I think maybe we are not,” she added.

This was the video Rep. Plaskett was referring to:

Comedian Leslie Jones shared a meme of Plaskett as Superwoman.

She wrote “This!! Go @StaceyPlaskett”

Plaskett replied “Thanks sis! We allll working to #ConvictAndDisqualify #ConvictAndDisqualifyTrump”