Dem Cunningham won’t drop out of pivotal NC Senate race despite sexual texts scandal

Democrat Cal Cunningham says he won’t drop out of the pivotal North Carolina Senate Race despite the release of sexual text messages between him and a married woman who is not his wife he has admitted he wrote.


In polls taken prior to the scandal tracked by RealClearPoltiics, Cunningham led Republican Senator Thom Tillis.

NationalFile revealed Cunningham’s sext messages with Arlene Guzman Todd, a Veteran’s wife. Cunningham himself is married with 2 children.

Cunningham calls Guzman Todd “historically sexy” and says “I’ve had the most amazing dreams of our time together and am thinking of you too!” suggesting an affair.

In a statement to the News & Observer the North Carolina Democrat said “I have hurt my family, disappointed my friends, and am deeply sorry. The first step in repairing those relationships is taking complete responsibility, which I do. I ask that my family’s privacy be respected in this personal matter. I remain grateful and humbled by the ongoing support that North Carolinians have extended in this campaign, and in the remaining weeks before this election I will continue to work to earn the opportunity to fight for the people of our state.”