Dem Brindisi takes lead from Republican Tenney by 14 votes in NY-22 Race after 120 absentee ballots counted

Democrat Lawmaker Anthony Brindisi has taken the lead from Republican Claudia Tenney in the nail biter NY-22 House race after roughly 120 absentee ballots were counted that were not counted before.

Patrick Lohmann of wrote:

We’ve adjourned with no new vote totals. Courts are closed next week, so we’re think 1/4 for next hearing

To recap:
~120 absentee ballots that Tenney wanted cut will likely be counted
Brindisi is up +14 but 50% of Oneida affidavit votes still uncounted #NY22. So much yet to come.

And just to reiterate: These votes were not “miraculously found” as some Twitter folks claim.

These are about 1,700 affidavit votes set aside and never counted that are now being reviewed for the first time, first by elections staff and campaign reps and later by a judge.