Debra Messing Shares Blog Post Smearing Biden Accuser, Reade Responds “Slander and Untrue”

“Will and Grace” actress Debra Messing shared a blog post that smeared Biden Accuser Tara Reade, but many are saying the source is dubious and Tara herself is calling it “slander.”

The medium post was written by the Krassenstein brothers who were permanently banned from Twitter last year for allegedly operating fake accounts.

Per Breitbart, the article essentially attempts to cast doubt on Reade’s credibility by interviewing Lynn Hummer, the owner of a non-profit horse rescue in Watsonville, California, who claims that she deceived and stole from the organization.

“Look, this isn’t about protecting women. This isn’t about the #metoo movement. This isn’t about Joe Biden. This is about truth,” Hummer is quoted as saying. “Tara Reade stole from me. She lied to me. She stole from my organization. She manipulated me and she duped me. I want that to be shared because it’s important information. And I have documentation, images, and emails to prove it.”

In her response to Messing’s tweet, Reade described the article as “slander and untrue.”

“This has been debunked and you’re quoting people who have been permanently banned from twitter,” said journalist Katie Halper, who recently hosted Reade as a guest on her podcast.

“Gee, I wonder why a woman might be reluctant to come forward with allegations against a powerful male Democratic politician,” added Intercept editor Glenn Greenwald. “Democrats are good watching liberal sitcom actresses like this dig into her past to try to smear her reputation? This is the standard to use generally?”