Deanna Lorraine Blasts AOC for Tweeting About Playing “Animal Crossing” Video Game

Former congressional candidate Deanna Lorraine blasted AOC for tweeting about playing Nintendo’s “animal crossing.”

It began when Aida Chavez tweeted:

News: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says she recently got a Nintendo Switch and started her Animal Crossing island a couple days ago

AOC then quickly confirmed it was the truth, tweeting:

Hi there! Very new to this.

I would like to visit random people’s islands and leave a doodle or note on their bulletin board.

Can I do that? If so, how?

Should I open my DMs for the first time since the Zuckerberg hearing for the Dodo codes??

AOC then tweeted multiple updates to her “animal crossing” game progress.

Update 2: first ever House call (get it?) in the books!

It was so sweet. Island belonged to a family of three. We exchanged fruit, took pictures, and I signed a bulletin note using my touch screen.

I was floored by how fast they typed and they taught me about the app.

UPDATE 3: Okay! After a few visits earlier I am reopening for a few more .

DMs are opening again for 4 minutes, drop me your Dodo code and a note and I may stop by!

(Yes that is a hand drawn campaign shirt & no I haven’t sorted out exporting screenshots yet)

Former Northern California congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine had had enough and tweeted:

Are you kidding me? We’re paying you to play Animal Crossing? OMG.

To which AOC responded “Curious for your thoughts on Trump’s golf bills”

DeAnna Lorraine wrote:

@AOC, I think we should have a debate if you’re not too busy playing video games. Let’s talk about why your dream of socialism is so great…or not. I remember you told

that he was being sexist when he asked you, but I’m a woman just like you. What do you say?