WATCH: De Niro likens Trump supporters to a “cult” calls President “a criminal who will…do anything to win”

During a conversation with Yahoo News, actor Robert De Niro likened Trump supporters to a “cult” and called Trump a “criminal” that will “stop and nothing” and “do anything to win.”

The “Raging Bull” and “Goodfellas” actor said President Trump is “a criminal who will stop at nothing [and] do anything to win. We have to win it. Everybody has to join. We have to speak out and win this fight, period. We can’t let this go further. If another four years, we’re into fascism, American-style, period.”

De Niro then attacked the millions of voters who supported Trump and helped him defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

“It’s like they say it’s a ‘cult,’ and it is. And they don’t care what this person does. But they will care when they are directly affected by his behavior and the behavior of his enablers.”

Pondering what would happen if Trump wins again in November, De Niro conjured dark thoughts.

“It’s unimaginable what will happen,” De Niro warned “We would survive but it would be irreparable damage. In some ways now there’s irreparable damage, because the world looks at us like we’re crazy, allowing this crazy person and administration and enablers.”

The actor added  “We have to vote him out of office and even then it’s going to be a problem. This guy is something we don’t understand, and a lot of people don’t understand. His logic, his mindset, it’s scary.”