De Blasio Tells Buttigieg “Try to not be so smug when you just got your ass kicked”

Bernie Sanders surrogate Bill de Blasio blasted Pete Buttigieg after he went on the attack after Bernie’s big Nevada win.

de Blasio tweeted:

And hey @PeteButtigieg, try to not be so smug when you just got your ass kicked. You know how we form a winning coalition to beat Trump? With a true multi-racial coalition of working Americans: something @BernieSanders has proven he can do + you haven’t. Dude, show some humility

Buttigieg reacted to Sanders’ big victory in Nevada with a tweet storm of extremely pointed attacks.

I believe we need to defeat Trump and turn the page on this era in our politics by establishing a tone of belonging, bringing an end to the viciousness and the bullying that is tearing apart our country.

I believe the only way to truly deliver any of the progressive changes we care about is to be a nominee who actually gives a damn about the effect you are having, from the top of the ticket, on those critical, front-line House and Senate Democrats that we need to win.

Senator Sanders is ignoring, dismissing, or even attacking the very Democrats we absolutely must send to Capitol Hill in order to keep Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, in order to support judges who respect privacy and democracy, and in order to send Mitch McConnell into retirement.

We can prioritize either ideological purity or inclusive victory. We can either call people names online or we can call them into our movement. We can either tighten a narrow and hardcore base or open the tent to a new, broad, big-hearted American coalition.

Shortly after Bernie Sanders was projected to win the Nevada caucuses, Pete Buttigieg warned Democrats not “rush” to nominate Sanders. “Before we rush to nominate Senator Sanders as our own shot to take on this president … let us take a sober look at what is at stake,” Buttigieg said.

Sanders reaction to projected Nevada win:

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