De Blasio says if Trump sends Federal Law Enforcement to NYC “we would immediately take action in court to stop it”

During a press appearance,  NYC Mayor De Blasio vowed to take legal action and beat Trump in the court if Trump were to send federal law enforcement to NYC the way DHS has in Portland.

De Blasio also suggested he thinks Trump is mostly “bluster” and may not follow through on the talk.

NYPost reports “If he tried to do it, it would only create more problems,” the mayor said. “We would immediately take action in court to stop it.”

De Blasio later added, “I do believe it’s bluster. I do believe we can beat him in court. It would just create a lot of pain and confusion. Maybe that’s what he wants.”

On Monday, Trump called on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to end the recent crime spree in the Big Apple, saying, “if the governor is not going to do something about it, we’ll do something about it.”

Trump also floated the idea of sending in federal law enforcement officers — like he did last week in response to violent protests in Portland, Oregon. Officials there have said the presence of federal agents has only exacerbated the riots, which have been raging for more than 50 nights.

In his Monday night appearance on NY1’s “Inside City Hall,” de Blasio called the feds’ response in Portland a “fiasco” that has “totally backfired.”

“I have a lot of faith in the NYPD but I do not have faith in the notion of just throwing in federal law enforcement for obviously political reasons,” he said. “That always backfires.”